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Any Woman Who Cannot Figure Out If Man Is Gay or Not Is a Moron

October 28, 2014

This guy is fucking awesome.

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Any woman who cannot tell if a man is gay or not after she has been around him a bit is retarded. I really believe most American women are retards.

I am sure that all women are familiar with the extremely familiar look of a man checking out a woman sexually. This includes all of the stuff women contemptuously call staring, leering, ogling, etc. Collectively, it is all called “checking a woman out.” Women know exactly what this is, and especially the attractive ones have probably seen it a billion times. I am sure the cuter ones deal with it all day long.

A very simple way to determine if a man is gay or not is to see if he engages in this checking out type behavior, looking at other women or you in a sexual way, ogling, leering, staring, etc. Any man who does this, especially on a…

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