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You are not great, you midwest piggish fat alcoholic washed up divorced losers.

October 10, 2014


Perfect response to this fucking drek.

I cannot take credit, my friend wrote it yet wishes to remain anonymous.

OMG, are they fucking shitting me? By far ugliest women and by far worst city. Reason they always try to artificially elevate Chicago is because everyone knows Chicago sucks, and they constantly feel the need to lie.

Let’s look at this point by point.

1. They can handle cold. They make it seem like Chicago is the only cold city on the planet. There are many cities with climate much more colder than Chicago, Montreal is one, and no one is boasting about how they can handle cold. What a bunch of Polaks.

2.  They love Food. Wow they love food that gives you heart attack and make you fat. And then judge overweight men for eating. LOL Polaks.

3. They know how to get around. These Polaks actually claim Chicago has best transportation in the world, they never been to Moscow, Paris or London, Fucking idiots.

4. Chicago girls are active. Yeah they actively seeking trouble and judge me like me.

5.They know how to hang out with guys. Correction there governor they know how to hang out with dark guys lol

6. They are down to earth. Furthest from the truth. They are arrogant, greedy, drunk, disorderly, stupid and two faced.

7. They are naturally beautiful. False. they are ugly, better than L.A. my ass, even girls in Indiana look better.

8. They are sporty. True they are but a woman who is into sports is no longer a woman

9. They know how to park. Strangely enough I always find cars that take two spaces!!!

10 They know good music. Nope they still stuck in the 80’s and absolutely despise rap

BTW those of you who do not know – Chicago has 2nd biggest Polish population in a major city outside of Warsaw.


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