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March 6, 2013

PoF is for single moms, 90% or more are into hookups if you got $$$. Ask my Russian friend with no scruples, he’s banging a new woman in the Chicago area almost every weekend. My God, they are fugly too.

The Drinking Hat

By Jordan DCS

The bedroom door is closed, sunlight is pushing through the only window hugging everything it touches, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus posters are hung in pride on the used-to-be snowy white walls that have turned to a film of weeping yellow from years of cigarette smoke.

No one’s home and the web cam’s on “Record.”  The sunglasses are being worn indoors, proudly, only the way a rock star could pull off…our rock star…the rock star whom tells the world how it REALLY is, the what’s what, the rock star who doesn’t care if he rattles a few cages, ruffles a few feathers, rustles the entire thread’s jimmies… He is Maxx Calin. The Double X rock star.

Maxx has been an immaculate inspiration for The Drinking Hat.  A countless number of his mind opening and moving quotes have woken us up to the world we live in and have…

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