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March 4, 2013

The Story Behind The Story

Today, a reader of this blog posted the following:

Hi Dr. Ott: Have you seen this pathetic 6-page “open” letter dated 1/19/13 by SHERRI KANE to Lt. Paul Vance of Sandy Hook fame? It’s nasty & includes hate-info re you along with others (Rense, Duff, Adachi, etc.):

I just saw this letter/link posted at’s Sandy Hook thread, pg. 62 (Sandy Hook thread is located under their “Local PsyOps” section from the CluesForum home page).

Thought you might like to know if you hadn’t seen it.

(Wonder why Kane does not include Bro Nathaniel Kapner of RealJewNews, & Henry Makow, etc., who are Jews who expose NWO-Jews? They also have had “anti-Semitic” articles exposing Sandy Hook. Maybe Kane does not want Jews to know there ARE other Jews like Kapner/Makow who ARE awake, but only wants to smear Gentiles?)

Please let me be very clear, friends.  It is usually…

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