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April 5, 2012

Now if he would only take the next logical step and realize there must be a worldwide and coordinated effort (via globalist pseudo-government system) to implement and use these weather creating systems, with no regard for the human life and devastation caused.


special thanks to “Saltwater Trickser” aka Max Cassilly —

Song name : “Fake Clouds”
Artist : Max Cassilly – saltwater trickster / swt

Nothing planned by me for next tuesday by the way, other than more videos on the topics I cover….these samples are from the movie “network”…

If you wish to learn more about the use of frequency to manipulate the weather.. below are two good beginning links:

First link.. the most recent proof showing the ‘professionals’ using the terminology of “circle sweeps” .. “square waves” .. and “sawtooth sweeps” —– the terms I’ve coined this past year WERE ‘HAARP rings’ , “Scalar Squares”, and “Stairstep patterns”….. both refer to the same process…… spikes of frequency are emitted from ground based facilities (like H.A.A.R.P. in Alaska for instance) to HEAT the upper atmosphere (and beyond) via High frequency VHF .. also using VLF (very low frequency)…

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