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March 8, 2012

Great question for Ben, of course he has a million excuses for his VERY bad track record of predictions. Ben is a douchetard.

Kauilapele's Blog

This recently appeared on Ben’s Typepad Blog. Some have likely seen it already, but I wanted to place it here as he answers some questions and explains some things I’m sure many are curious about. This is from 3-7-12.


[Q] Dear Benjamin,
I would want to believe that such an organisation, White Dragon Society, exists. But as much as I would like to believe it, I find it very hard to believe.
So how do I know how if I could trust you?
What proof can you deliver of this White Dragon Society and if they’re so secret why do they let you spill all the beans?
And also, why on earth would you put links on your website referring to the 9/11 Truth movement, which is most ridiculous movement ever, considering it’s all intelligence people trying to cover up the real reasons of 9/11.
I have at…

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