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February 26, 2012

If their neighbors were both male and performing fellatio on each other, would they complain?

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CBS News (Sacramento): A Placer County town is considering a ban on smoking that some say goes way too far. The Rocklin City Council is considering making it against the law for smokers to smoke anywhere outside on their property.

The city council is considering the ban after one home owner complained about smoke coming from their neighbors’ backyards saying it caused health problems for their kids. But before going to the city council, the family first asked their neighbors to stop smoking.
One couple agreed, according to their son. “They felt that there wasn’t any reason to put the household in any sort of health risk,” Eric Croslin said explaining his parent’s position.
But some smokers and even some non-smokers saying this ban goes too far. “So what about people who have children in their home and they don’t want to smoke in their home?” asked non-smoker…

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