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February 1, 2012

Kerry is a horrible interviewer, by far one of the most rude and conceited people in the New Age movement, yet she is far from being stupid. She has a very religious and semi-blind audience.

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Letter to Kerry Cassidy on the Alien-UFO Agenda

By Zahir Ebrahim | Project

Friday April 8, 2011

Dear Ms. Cassidy,


In your 2008 interview, ‘John Lear Tells All – Part 1 of 4‘, at time 26:02, you note:

Kerry Cassidy: “Right, because why would you put together something like MJ-12 under Truman to investigate or manage the UFO story unless there was no UFO story. Right? There has got to be a UFO if you gonna put together a group.”

A little before that, at time 17:26, John Lear had made a summary-comment on another complex matter in these words:

John Lear: “First we are gonna cover the Nibiru scam, planet-X. It is not there, it is not gonna cause a problem in 2012, it’s a scam, I see it working from every different direction, it’s just a plot to keep us, you know, in a…

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