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My 1st post on this blizzog

January 25, 2012

Welcome to my new blog! i consider this to be a fresh start as I have let my other blog degenerate into a long vent about a social networking website where I used to be a member. That is all in the past and I intend to make this about my ponderances and realizations and perhaps even meditations on the world around me.

What I won’t let this become is a place where I get too personal or put unnecessary details. Life is full of daily frustrations and distractions. Indeed, life on this planet and this reality truly sucks. I’ll never hold back my feelings about that. if one cannot face the negativity of life, how then can they resolve problems and make it more positive? Modern philosophy and pseudo-psychology has taken too many online “ninnies” down an ineffective path of false hope and ridiculous musings. i can and will be more specific about this in my future posts.

I am an unapologetic seeker of the truth. The events of 911 were not perpetrated by a ragtag group of terrorists who never passed flying school and had a 3-way walkie talkie between Allah, themselves and a bunch of towel wearers in some cave. The only conspiracy theory I can determine is the official version of the events! There is a group of Globalist controllers whose purpose is to enslave humanity through staged “false flag” events, well before 911, during and up to this day. My blog will explore some possibilities of how and who these people are, even considering that they work with supernatural (or more properly, extradimensional to our 3D reality) to entrap us further into their system.

On that note, make no mistake. I am not a New Ager. I’m a non-religious member of the Christian faith, yet keep an open mind without leaving it so open that I lose it. 😉 No one is going to come and “save the planet”. That includes our esteemed president and these insane rumors that he will disclose the existence of alien life! If he does, I agree with Rayelan and others that it will very likely be a staged event, ushering in a false Savior who will trick the planet into total slavery. In my opinion, it’s better to believe yo can “save yourself” than rely on any external forces to liberate us. There are no shortcuts in life. My life is living proof and testimony to that.

i will also link to and possibly copy verbatim if permissible any relevant articles to my life’s journey or any political or world news i find of interest.

Enjoy my future posts!


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